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Visit Pharma Systems at MEDICA – COMPAMED Düsseldorf 12-15 November 2018

MEDICA – COMPAMED, Düsseldorf 12-15 Nov 2018

MEDICA – COMPAMED trade fair take place in Düsseldorf, Germany, 12-15 November 2018!

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Private Policy

There are certain obligations in accordance to local and international laws, as well as Directives issued by the European Union. These legal obligations require the processing of your personal information. In other cases we may receive a court order or otherwise be legally obliged to process or convey your personal information to third parties Pharma […]

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Certificates, Certitest & other files

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Quality & Testing

Pharma Systems follow special quality assurance rules for the medical industry to make sure everything that leaves our production chain has the highest quality with quality controlls and testing on a daily basis.

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Research & Development

We on Pharma Systems know that continuous research and development is the key for new efficient and high quality end products.

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Pediatric & Neonatal

Pediatric and Neonatal are specialist area’s in the hospital caring for smaller patients. Due to the sensitivity of these children and babies they need to be placed in wards with specialist educated clinicians and nurses. 

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Intensive Care

Intensive care units (ICUs) are specialist hospital wards. They provide intensive care (treatment and monitoring) for people in a critically ill or unstable condition. Patients may be unable to breathe on their own and have multiple organ failures. ICUs are sometimes known as respiratory care, critical care units or intensive therapy departments.

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Home Care

Home care, is supportive care provided in the home. Care may be provided by licensed healthcare professionals who provide medical care needs or by professional caregivers who provide daily care to help to ensure the activities of daily living are met.

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HME/Filter products for anesthesia. Anesthesia enables the painless performance of medical procedures that would cause severe or intolerable pain to an unanesthetized patient. Pharma Systems have special passive humidifiers and bacterial/viral filters designed for both adults and children.

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Arab Health Dubai 2018.

We will attend Arab Health in January 2018 and will be pleased to meet with you.

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Our distribution network

Pharma Systems are present in over 60 countries. Welcome to join our distribution family.
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